peopleWhenever I read a book (and I’m talking about the type with paper pages!) I wonder who has previously read it and how far has it travelled between readers?

What stories of these people could the book tell?

I decided to find out by using a very simple idea and this website.

The idea behind TheTravellingBook.com is quite simple and consists of five steps:


Add a simple message in the front of an enjoyable or thought-provoking book. The message is:

“I have donated this book as a gift to the world.

Please visit thetravellingbook.com and tell the world where you found it!

Quote this unique book identity number: ………………………………………”


Add a unique book identity number – nothing special, just the first thing that pops into your head. This is to uniquely identify a particular book.


Donate the book to the book lovers of the world by leaving it in a public place for a stranger to find or gift it to a friend.


The friend or stranger sees the message, visits this site and tells us how they came across the book and what they think of it. They quote the identity number and can add any other thoughts they want, provided they are not offensive.


They donate the book again by simply leaving it in a public place for someone else to find or gift it to another friend.

That’s it! In time we’ll see where the book goes and learn something of its readers.

If you want to take part and donate a book to the world just follow the instructions here.

If you’ve found a book, then go here.

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